If you have noticed, its that we have barely any info on the Critical Strike Portable spinoff game, Critical Missions: Space. The game is featured on the main page, but there are no articles on its weapons, features and other related . First off, what is Critical Missions: Space?

What is Critical Missions: Space?

The game is a sci-fi based first person shooter, with the Counter-Terrorists wearing blue space suits and the Terrorists wearing red space suits. The weapons may look and sound different, but they are based off the weapons from Critical Strike Portable. Both games share the exact same maps, except for very large maps like Dust2Snow or Assault New. Zombies have been changed to alien-like creatures, to suit the theme of the game.

When is info about Critical Missions: Space going to be added?

The wiki has lots of visitors each month, but the actual number users who edit are very small and we're currently trying to improve the pages we already have. This doesn't mean that we won't add the needed information about the spinoff. If you want info on the spinoff, please be patient as we work on the wiki. We are not robots, after all!

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