Smoke Grenades are one of the three thrown weapons in Critical Strike Portable and Critical Ops.

Description Edit

This is one of the non-lethal weapons that can be purchased. When thrown on the ground in Critical Strike Portable, the smoke grenade releases a cloud of white fog, which can be used to hide the user or interfere with the enemy's vision. When thrown vertically, it releases the fog as it goes.

In Critical Ops, the smoke expulsion takes less time and produces a darker and greyer cloud of smoke. Like its CSP counterpart, it will eventually run out after a couple of minutes.

Trivia Edit

  • In Critical Strike Portable, the smoke can travel through walls.
  • In Critical Strike Portable, the smoke grenade cannot be seen or used by mobile players, due to the lack of support.
  • In Critical Ops, when the smoke grenade bounces off a surface, it has the same sound as the flash grenade, which can be conveniently used to deter enemies.

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