Ranked Games are a competitive alternative to casual games. Unlike the latter, on ranked games, players play to receive a rank located on the main menu.


On ranked games, matches are set in Defuse and the same objectives are derived from it; eliminate all players or defuse/plant the bomb. However, unlike on casual games, a 25 second warm-up is started before the actual match begins. In addition, rounds last up to 9 matches won by one side instead of 13. If a person disconnects from matches several consecutive times, they will face a "leaver penalty" and wait 2 days to play on ranked mode again.

When a player wins 10 placement matches, they will rank up and receive a new insignia. The opposite is also true, thus if a player loses placement matches, they will rank down.

Ranked games are the only gamemode used to raise/lower your rank. To add on, ranked statistics are shown separately from casual statistics on a player's profile.

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