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Ranks are a cosmetic game mechanic in Critical Strike Portable and Critical Ops. In the former, ranks are the positions of players determined by their kill/death ratio. These have no real gameplay advantages or disadvantages whatsoever, other than for cosmetic use.

Description Edit

Critical OpsEdit

Ranks are earned through played ranked matches, accessible through the main menu.

  • Insignia for no rank.
  • Insignia for Bronze.
  • Insignia for Silver.
  • Insignia for Gold.

Critical Strike PortableEdit


Insignias for ranks.

Ranks label a player's kill/death ratio, and gives a general idea on their skill. The higher the kill count than the death count the lower the rank. High ranks are determined by low numbers, so for example, the highest rank a player can attain is 1, and the lowest (and initial) rank is 64.

In order to rank up, a player must improve his/her kill/death ratio by killing players more often than dying and ranking down would be vice versa.

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