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The P250 is the initial gun in Critical Ops.

Description Edit

Like the Glock 19 in Critical Strike Portable, it is a semi-automatic pistol that can fire mid range and deal medium damage. The P250 can also deal critical, if not fatal damage to the head.

However, it also shares some cons like the lowest penetration of the pistol class through Kevlar and inaccuracy at far range, especially when moving and jumping.

Properties Edit


  • Medium damage and moderate fire rate.
  • Cheapest pistol. (Free if a different pistol is not equipped)


  • Lowest penetration power out of all pistols.



Use this as a stealth weapon, as the medium damage and good aiming can kill a player in a few headshots.


The P250 is mostly common in pistol matches. During those, you can use more powerful pistols to outmatch it, such as the MR 96 or XD .45. When in regular matches, however, it is best to use any assault rifle.


  • It is based off the SIG Sauer P250 9mm.

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