The HK417 is an assault rifle available in Critical Ops.


The HK417 is a moderate damage assault rifle. Depending on range, it can kill between two to four shots, retaining its two shot kill range out to quite some distance. With the great range, damage, and accuracy for the assault rifle class, the HK417 is an excellent assault rifle for use at mid-long distances. This weapon also boasts impressive penetration power, delivering fatal shots to the head, making Kevlar almost ineffective against the HK417.

However, like all weapons it has its share of downsides. The HK417 has the slowest rate of fire in its class, only firing a tap's worth of ammunition, which can be dangerous if attacking at close range. It is also the second most expensive assault rifle, coming in at $2900.

Overall, the HK417 is a moderate damage assault rifle, and is best employed at mid-long range. It also boasts excellent penetration makes its time to kill much more consistent. However, the rate of fire and small magazine size can be an occasional hindrance in gunfights.



  • Efficient far range combat.
  • Heavy penetration and damage.


  • Moderate fire rate.
  • Moderately expensive.


  • You can use it at any range and you don't have to worry about recoil because the recoil is almost non existent.
  • Always hold down the fire-button and aim for the head.
  • Don't use it in close range fights.
  • Hold long ranged corridors like B to T-spawn in Bureau.


  • Try to get into close range fights with SMGs or shotguns, as this weapon is less effective at close range.
  • Use the sniper rifles such as the M14 or Uratio if you can't avoid close range fights.


  • It is based off the real life 2008 basic Heckler and Koch HK417.


It's rarely recommended to buy this weapon, but sometimes it can be a buyable option. For example if your team economy isn't really good, you can use it as a nice replacement for the M14.


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