Grounded is an map featured in Critical Ops released in patch


The map was originally scheduled to be released before Bureau, but the release was delayed to patch 0.8.0 because the map was too dark, making some hiding spots invisible to other players. Critical Force Entertainment then employed closed testers for the map on August 3, 2016. It was then rescheduled for 0.7.0 and finally, in which the map was released.


Much of the space inside Grounded's airport is narrow and tight and is easily usable for ambushes and surprise attacks and only the areas outside the airport are the somewhat wider spaces in Grounded. Outside the large airport is a warehouse holding a small plane (also acting as a bombsite), air taxis and numerous large passenger planes.



Grounded Critical Ops Map Official Pre-Release Walkthrough!-005:54

Grounded Critical Ops Map Official Pre-Release Walkthrough!-0

Footage of early stages of Grounded provided by YouTuber "Henry Godbolt IV".

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