This page documents the rules and regulations for Critical Strike Portable Wiki.
The policy may be changed without prior notice. To discuss changes to the policy, make a thread on the general discussion board.

The Critical Strike Portable Wiki Policy is a general set of guidelines that helps to ensure the wiki is safe and professional.

Editing Edit

When editing an article, it is recommended to follow these procedures:

  • Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. A spell checker is especially useful in this case.
  • Before publishing an edit, use the edit preview to check for any errors or mistakes. This is especially useful in the case of editing source code.



Only logged in users can upload images to the wiki.

When uploading an image, be sure the photo is clean, clear and in high quality. Images are to be named according to what content it has, so files named with lots of random numbers and/or gibberish will either be renamed, or deleted.

Inappropriate and/or offensive images are NOT to be uploaded, for any reason, otherwise a block will be given.


Any video can be uploaded, as long as the video being uploaded has some relation to Critical Strike Portable or Critical Ops. It would be preferred if any gameplay videos uploaded are from you, or if you have permission from a content creator to upload them.

Like images, inappropriate videos are NOT permitted and the uploader of any kind of such video will be blocked.

Discussion Edit

Article/Blog CommentsEdit

To talk about an existing topic on an article/blog post, please click the "Reply" button below the comment rather than adding a comment about the same topic separately.

Inappropriate behavior is strictly PROHIBITED on the comments section. This includes, but not limited to: bullying, harassment, foul language and trolling. Spam comments such as, "hi", only one word, gibberish and advertising are also prohibited.

If you want to ask a question about any of the games or the wiki, please ask on the questions and answers board, NOT the FAQ page. If the question is posted on the FAQ page, you will receive a simple warning and the comment will be deleted the next day.

Message WallsEdit

Anyone can leave a message on someone's message wall, whether they have a question or require assistance.

Like article comments, offensive messages are strictly PROHIBITED on the comments section.

Redundant or spammy messages such as the ones listed for article comments are also unacceptable. Doing so will result in a warning and then a block if you repeat the offense.


When making discussions, be sure to put them in the proper categories.

Again, inappropriate and/or redundant comments are unacceptable and will be deleted.

Offenses Edit

The following is a general list of common offenses, which are and will remain prohibited on the wiki. Doing any of these offenses will result in a block.


Spam and vandalism are two of the most common block reasons across the Fandom community. Examples include, but not limited to:

  • Removing large amounts of information for no valid reason.
  • Adding gibberish/foul language to articles.
  • Hate messages against other people.
  • Adding spam links or images/advertising.
  • Adding NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or redundant photos or videos.

Initially, users will receive only a warning after a misdemeanor. However, if a repeat offense occurs, or the user causes major vandalism/spam, the user will be blocked for a considerable amount of time, depending on the severity of the offense. Advertising on the wiki will result in the user being blocked without warning.

  • False information is not to be added, but the consequences are generally less severe, like a simple warning, depending on what was added such as damage values or release dates. Something such relating the Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists to real-life groups will result in a block.


Users have the right to be respected among another. If an inappropriate message is found by an admin, the message will be immediately deleted and the user will be warned on their message wall. A repeat offense will result in a block.

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