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Created in December 6, 2015, this wiki is about the shooter Critical Strike Portable and its sequel Critical Ops, where anyone can share, add or discuss their knowledge! Critical Strike Portable is a mobile and PC platform end game based off the popular Counter Strike and shares many similar features! Enjoy!

This wiki does not have or will have any clan pages as they are plain advertising. It is also new and incomplete, apologies if you cannot find the page you want.

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Critical Strike Portable Critical Ops Critical Missions: Space

Featured Weapon

The P90 is a sub-machine gun found in Critical Strike Portable and Critical Ops.The P90 is the lowest damage submachine gun on offer, lower than both the MP7 and MP5, however, it still takes three shots to down an enemy in close-quarters. Couple the three-shot kill potential in close-quarters, combined with the highest rate of fire in the submachine gun class, the P90 is the fastest killing submachine gun in close-quarters.


Featured Map


Bureau is a map in Critical Ops, added in version The map is mainly based on an office theme layout and is designed to act like the headquarters of the Counter-Terrorists under attack from the Terrorists.

Featured Gear


Kevlar and Helmet is armour which players can purchase in Critical Ops located in the Gear section in the buy menu. This is an exclusive feature to the game, rather than having no armour in Critical Strike Portable.

Helping out and Adding Content


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Did you know?

  • ...that Critical Strike Portable was originally Counter-Strike Portable?
  • ...the map Grounded was delayed due to dark lighting issues that made players unseeable?
  • ...the AK-47 was the first weapon?

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    Should we add clear advantages and disadvantages without having to skim over paragraphs of info? I'm into clear and concise information, as I've recently seen on the Counter Strike Wiki.

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