0.4.1 was a patch for Critical Ops released on April 25, 2016 that added guest accounts, a new login and account linking system and as well as other improvements and bug fixes.

Patch Notes


  • Guest Accounts
  • New Login & Account Linking system
  • Extended range on movement pad
  • Better multitouch support
  • New collision system
  • Plaza optimization for low end
  • Inspect Audio for weapons
  • Filtering rooms by maps
  • Option: Auto-Equip Weapon on pick-up
  • Weapon balance adjustments AK-47, GSR 1911, HK417, M4


  • Fixed and Improved muzzle flashes
  • Empty Store on all devices
  • Spectating bug
  • Crashing when dropping bomb
  • Audio crash
  • Fixed quitting game as soon as you join
  • Other minor fixes